The recommended workflow for upgrading an existing Pegasus project to the latest version is as follows:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Pegasus: pip install --upgrade pegasus-installer
  2. Create a new Pegasus project in a new directory:
    • If you are upgrading from verison 0.12 and later, you can use the generated configuration file to specify the default values: pegasus path/to/pegasus.zip --config-file path/to/yourapp/pegasus-config.yaml --no-input.
    • If upgrading from an older version you will have to run: pegasus path/to/pegasus.zip and fill in the prompts again.
  3. Copy your .git directory from your old project into your new project. E.g. cp -r path/to/yourapp/.git path/to/newapp/.
  4. In your new project directory, manually merge any changes you want to bring in, and commit and push the result to Github/Gitlab.
  5. Pull the changes back into your original project directory from Github/Gitlab.

After upgrading you may also need to reinstall requirements (pip install -r requirements.txt), npm packages (npm install), etc. depending on what has changed.