Deployment Overview#

Pegasus—like Django—can be deployed on any standard cloud infrastructure.

The most common ways of deploying Pegasus are:

  1. On a raw VPS / Virtual Machine, such Digital Ocean, Linode, or Amazon EC2 or Lightsail

  2. On a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) platform, such as Heroku, or PythonAnywhere

  3. In a containerized way, using Docker, and (optionally) Kubernetes

Choosing the right deployment architecture involves a complex set of trade-offs, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. PaaS and Docker-based solutions tend to be easier to get up and running, but can be more difficult to modify and are often more expensive at scale. Meanwhile, setting up a VPS can be error-prone but is a very cost-effective way to deploy small applications.

Much of the choice will also depend on the knowledge and comfort of you/your team with various tools and platforms. See this Django Deployment Guide for a big-picture overview on choosing a deployment strategy.

Officially supported PaaS platforms#

Pegasus ships with configuration files to deploy to select platforms out-of-the-box. The officially supported platforms are:

Render and Fly are comparable, and are the recommended options for staging sites or MVPs, since they are easy to set up and have a generous free tier.

If you would like to deploy to a platform that’s not listed here, please get in touch on Slack or by emailing and I’m happy to help!

Deployment to any VPS#

In addition to the above platforms, you can use Pegasus’s Kamal deployment support to deploy your application onto any Linux server, using Docker containers. For more information on deploying to a VPS, see the kamal deployment documentation.

Other options#

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to use the built in Kamal option to deploy to a VPS, the Django documentation provides a good overview on how to deploy Django to your own server.

Additionally, Pegasus’s Docker support can be used as a basis for other production environments that supports container—for example, Google Kubernetes Engine and Amazon ECS.

Please reach out in the Pegasus Slack #deployment channel for any help on this!