Building the Front-End

The front end code uses webpack to allow for ES6 and JSX javascript templates, as well as sass/scss style files.

The source front-end files live in the assets directory, while the compiled files get created in the static directory.

Generally you should only ever edit the front-end files in assets directly, and compile them using the instructions below.


To compile the front-end JavaScript and CSS files it’s expected that you have installed:

Initial setup

Getting started should be as simple as running:

npm install

In your project’s root directory.


Whenever you make modifications to the front-end files you will need to run the following command to rebuild the compiled JS bundles and CSS files:

npm run dev

You can also set it up to watch for changes by running:

npm run dev-watch

Production build

To build for production, run:

npm run build

This will compress your files, remove logging statements, etc.